Ridge Racers

  • Japanese
GenreDriving - Racing
MultiplayerAdHoc: 2-8 | Infrastructure: 2-8
Region Duplicates
GameID Type Region Title DiscID Firmware
0001 UMD Japan Ridge Racers ULJS00001 1.00
0007 UMD USA Ridge Racer ULUS10001 1.00
0090 UMD Europe Ridge Racer UCES00002 1.00
1110 UMD South Korea Ridge Racer UCKS45002
2285 UMD China Ridge Racer UCAS40015 1.00
Game Images
ImageID CRC32 IsoType GroupRelease ImageSize Boot.bin status EBoot.bin status
0001.001 37DC8144 iso PARADOX 864.31(MB) Plain BOOT.BIN Encrypted EBOOT.BIN (PSP~)
Get ready for the next entry in the Ridge Racer series. Ridge Racers for the PSP maintains the series' trademark drift-based handling and introduces enhanced car design and 24 intense circuits. In addition to new tracks, the game includes courses from previous Ridge Racer games, such as Seaside Route 765, Crimsonrock Pass, and Greenpeak Highlands. Beat the clock in the time attack mode or test your racing skills against up to eight players in wireless battle mode.
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